Carl Hester – Vallegro Champion Horse (boek)

Carl Hester - Vallegro Champion Horse (boek)

– Schrijver: Carl Hester ♂
– Genre: paardenboek, dressuur
– Uitgever: Third Millennium
– Taal: Engels
– Verschenen: september 2015
– Omvang: 160 pagina’s
– Uitgave: Ebook / gebonden boek
– Prijs: € 20,44 / € 21,43
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Flaptekst Vallegro Champion Horse Boek van Carl Hester
Valegro is nothing short of a world-wide phenomenon, a horse who has taken the sporting world by storm. In an unprecedented career, he has gone from rejection to concurrent Olympic, World and European Gold and a World No 1 ranking – leaving a trail of broken World records in his wake. From gangly youngster to ’the best the world has seen’, this is the heart-warming story of the horse that revolutionized a centuries-old sport and won the hearts of equestrian and sports fans everywhere. Voted the Nation’s favourite horse, he has achieved international fame and admiration and has a character and intelligence that the public clearly adores. This modern-day Black Beauty story is told by his owner and trainer, Carl Hester, who had the vision to bring together the potential of a young rider – Charlotte Dujardin – with a horse whose outstanding ability has proved that dreams can still come true.

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